Band Board Elects New Officers, Board Members, and Gives Out Awards

The Lafayette Citizens Band finished its 2018 business with the Annual Meeting, held at Walt’s Other Pub on Sunday, September 16. Dan Peo, band director at McCutcheon High School, was elected the new President of the LCB Board, and Jenn Tordil was elected Vice-President. Kaitlin Wright and Brian Dalder were elected to new terms as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.

New members of the Board are Roger Duncan, who was the first band director at McCutcheon when the school opened in the 1970s, Galen King, bassoonist with the LCB and a former Board member and President, and Stanton Gelvin, longtime clarinet player with the band. Outgoing Board members are Connie Bumbleburg and Paula Jones. A number of awards were presented, and listed as captions to the pictures below.

Outgoing President Mark Lillianfeld receives the Most Miles Driven Award from Executive Director Beth Purkhiser.
Treasurer Brian Dalder received a new award, the “Most Completely Indispensable Board Member Bonded Until Death” award.
Ted “Ice Man” Luce is presented with the President’s Award, for helping with setup and teardown, and bringing ice to every concert.
Jenn Tordil receives the Above and Beyond Award, for her graphics art contributions and help with publicity.
Jenn’s husband Raf Tordil won the Volunteer of the Year Award, for helping us with computer problems and running our live-streaming.
David Jensen received a new award, the Speediest Ad Sales Award, for his great help with our ad booklet.

A retrospective video was presented that recounted the many things that happened during the 2018 season: pre-concerts, live streaming, High School Night, City Appreciation Night, the Stars and Stripes Concert, and more. We invite you to look at our 2018 Photo Gallery for a look back on the season.

We will be back at Riehle Plaza on Memorial Day 2019. See you next year!