About Us

The Lafayette Citizens Band is one of the oldest continuously operating community bands in the United States. We are a group of musicians who enjoy keeping tradition, music, and the arts alive and well in the Lafayette community. Many of us are neighbors, coworkers, and friends, but we enjoy the chance to perform for you every Thursday each summer.

Board of Directors

In addition to those of us who perform with the band, there is a board of directors without whom we would not be able to function day to day. The board of directors volunteer their time and talents to assist with behind the scenes logistics and fundraising for the band. Those board members and staff are:

  • Executive Staff
    • William D. Kisinger, Musical Director
    • Beth Purkhiser, Executive Director
  • Board Officers:
    • Ted Luce, President
    • Jenn Tordil, Vice President
    • Kaitlin Wright, Secretary
    • Brian Dalder, Treasurer
  • Board Members At Large:
    • Roger Duncan
    • Stan Gelvin
    • Joanna Grama
    • David Jensen
    • Galen King
    • Emma Levy (Student Representative)
    • Krista Steinmetz
    • Jim Wells
    • Dan Wiggins
    • Vicky Woeste
    • Sheila Klinker (ex officio)
    • Mayor Tony Roswarski (ex officio)