Musician Information

Section Leaders
Flutes, Oboes and Bassoons: Dinah Dalder, 765-714-2278
Clarinets and Saxophones: Ashley Shelton Brown, 765-918-3916
Trumpets and French Horns: Jenn Tordil, 765-714-9802
Trombones, Baritones and Tubas: Don Isaacs, 765-474-6778
Percussion: Pam Nave, 574-536-3276

Personnel Manager: Beth Purkhiser
If you are unable to reach your Section Leader or if you are a Section Leader with a question, please contact Beth at her email address.

Do You Want to Play with the Band This Year?
DOWNLOAD THE 2021 PLAYER INFORMATION SHEET, fill it out and save it, then email it to the appropriate section leader using the link above. As an alternative, you can print the form, fill it out, and mail it to your section leader, whose address is in the document. Your section leader will get back to you about available playing opportunities, if there are any.

All new LCB “employees” must fill out a Form I-9 in order to be paid. Why? It is a federal law! Form I-9 documents that you are authorized to work in the United States. At the first rehearsal you attend, you need to bring either a valid U.S. passport or two forms of ID as specified on Form I-9. In lieu of a passport, most commonly this would be a driver’s license or voter registration card AND a social security card or birth certificate. You can download the form from the web site Fill out your part of Form I-9 and bring it to rehearsal with your passport or 2 forms of ID. Your Section Leader or another LCB official will examine your documents, complete the remainder of the Form I-9, and file it in the band office for retention.

Also, if you are new, you need to fill out, sign and return to your section leader the Diversity Policy and Signature Page. If you have sent this in already, you do not need to do it again.

***** IMPORTANT NOTE for 2021 – Due to Covid restrictions, rehearsals will NOT be held on the Purdue Campus this year. Rehearsal location has not yet been determined. Stay tuned! ****

Rehearsals are normally held in the Elliott Hall of Music, Room 15, on the Purdue University campus. For most concerts, the rehearsals are the Wednesday evening before the Thursday concert, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. There are a few visitor parking spots around the Elliott Hall of Music; however, it is suggested that you arrive early and park in the garage at 3rd and University Streets, where there is no charge and you do not need a parking permit after 5:00 p.m.

Rainout Policy
We never call off a concert ahead of time. You must come to the concert site, and a decision will be made by the start of the concert about whether to play or not. If you do not show up, and the concert is canceled, you will not be paid. If you do not show up, and the concert is held, you may not be asked back to play again.

Concert Dress
Concert dress for Lafayette Citizens Band concerts is the red T-shirt, black pants or skirts, and black socks and shoes. If you need a T-shirt, and did not order one when you sent in your schedule, email us at The cost of a shirt is $15.

Pay Periods
Paychecks are issued twice during the season, around July 15 and September 15. Social security (FICA and Medicare) taxes are withheld, but federal income tax is not.

Anything else?
Of course, you may ask any other questions as well. Players are paid, with the wages varying depending on union membership. Rehearsals are on normally held on Wednesday evenings and most concerts are Thursday evenings at Riehle Plaza in downtown Lafayette.

You can see the 2021 schedule here. Concerts at Riehle Plaza start at 7:30 pm, except for the July 4 concert (8:00 pm) and the Labor Day concert (7:00 pm).

Rate of pay is $10 per rehearsal for everyone.
Paid-up union players are paid $35 per concert.  
Non-union players are paid $10 per concert.

Pay for mileage as follows: 25 cents per mile

City             Miles (round trip)   Mileage
Attica                52                $13
Crawfordsville        54                $14
Delphi                36                 $9
Frankfort             48                $12 
Indianapolis         128                $32
Kokomo                92                $23
Lebanon               70                $18 
Logansport            78                $20
Lowell               180                $45
Monticello            80                $20
Zionsville           100                $25